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I have a real 748RS (748RI MY2000) frame for sale.

VIN# ZDMH300AAXB000654
Frame is back and in great shape. Nothing is bent or broken.
Frame comes with bill of sale.

This is the real deal 748RS production race bike frame. I have had ducati run the vin to confirm what the frame is.

From Ducati
Dear Mr. Seims,

thank you for contacting us.

With reference to your request, I shall inform you that the bike of your interest is a 748RI Racing MY2000, one of the bikes that Ducati created for private teams in order to partecipate to the Supersport championship. It seems that the warranty was never activeted on this very bike and this model was produced in 52 examples between the end 1999 and the beginning of 2000.

I hope I could satisfy your curiosity.

I remain at your disposal.

Kindest regards,

Customer Service
Ducati Motor Holding Spa
Borgo Panigale – Italy
Ducati - Bikes, Equipment, Accessories, Racing, Company, Dealer - Official Site Ducati

Pricing this frame isn't easy since there wasn't many in the first place. So lets say $1600 OBO

Please PM with any question


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RS has a larger head stock, frame material is different(wall thickness) frame is lighter. The center cross bar dips down lower for a large capacity airbox. There are a bunch of mounting tabs that are different as well. The RS frame is very similar to the road going R model.
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