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Ohlins rear sold

1x98 330mm rotors, $250
works with 848 Evo with $5 spacers
848 with m4 monoblocks and spacers
Alloy wheel Wheel Rim Auto part Tire

Disc brake Auto part Vehicle brake Bicycle part Groupset

DP air filter $40+ ship
Grille Iron


Wideband o2 lambda pcv5- $40 + ship
Auto part Spark plug Automotive engine part Nozzle

Wire Auto part Vehicle Cable

Technology Hand Auto part Electronic device Finger

Thanks guys


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You will need 4 5mm spacers to put between the caliper and the mount.. All 1098 and 1198 have them .. You can get generic spacers or Ducati ones
The part number is 713.1.364.1a
They are $5 a piece brand new from Ducati
You can find them for nothing on eBay and other companies for dirt cheap
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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