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Just clearing out some random stuff. Easier things are the wheel side axle nut which hasn't been used, as it doesn't work with CZ wheels. And the clutch-side 1pc case cover which I ran for a season with no downs before changing to the clear cover. Couple of minor scuffs due to tighter fitting track bodywork.

The tank is my original '08 I'm selling merely as a track/race bike drop-in replacement for someone needing a ready-to-go spare. Swelled a little bit at the front by the ignition cover, but doesn't hinder anything. Scratches from being the primary tank on the bike for both street and track for 2 years, then primary track tank for the last 2 yrs. Comes complete with OEM gas cap (which I can send my spare key with, or you can just replace it with a keyless) and fuel pump assembly. Also leaving the DP tank protector, GoPro mount, and Stompgrips on. Far from perfect, but cleaned it up as best I could.

PM me with offers, because I'm horrible with pricing used parts. Most likely (pending it isn't a complete lowball) I'll say that's too much and counter your offer with something a little less, lol.

And now you all know why my wife doesn't let me haggle on goods when we travel out of the country. ^_^

I work weird trucker hours, so if anything gets spoken for between now and early Fri morning, I'll have it on the way Fri before noon. Otherwise it wouldn't be until Mon or next Wed to ship out.

Thanks for looking!

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