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Ok, so I have some parts I'm looking to clear out of the garage. Text me for more/better photos if needed.

Set of non OEM plastics with mono tail. Includes both sides, front nose, front fender (oem), chin cover (black) and mono tail (I built hardware under it to mount to a biposta. Can be removed to fit mono) Photos of full bike of of the fairings for sale. Photos don't show the black fender and chin.- $350

Red airbox (oem) $70

Air intake runners set (oem) $40

Throw out bearing $20

Push rod carrier $20

Barnett clutch springs (brand new) $20

License plate holder with light x2 (oem) $15 used $30 for new

Biposta undertail tool tray x2- $20 each

Monoposta undertail tool tray $20

Chain guard with brake line cover x3 (oem) $20 each

Front nose x2 (oem, both need fixing) $80 each

Front turn signals (oem) $40

LH Switch (early style)- $50

Heads for 748s
1995-1998 head- $50
2000-2001 head-$45

Counter shaft cover (front sprocket cover) x2- $$10 each

Tail light $40

Oil breather tank x2- $20 each

Lower coolant tank x2- $20 each

Charcoal canister- $20

Biposta tail light mounting bracket aluminum (new) $15

Carbon heal gaurds RS (rare) x2 sets $100 per set

2 phase rectifier- $70

Rear brake switch with bracket x2- $40 each

Rear brake master cylinder with pin- $60

Head lights (has small chip on high beam side) $250

Some other misc things. Just let me know.

Feel free to text me. Prices do not include shipping.


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