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Selling a set of six, Poly Cush Drives for 1098, 1198, or Streetfighter/S. These are by AFAM. The reason i am selling is because the Thread pitch is different than the Anodized Nuts i got from CNC. I will be sticking with the stock cush drives for now. These are a very cool product and appear to be well made.
List Price is $189.95
Looking to get $150 shipped within US.


PM me or email: [email protected]

AFAM's Description: "New Superlite Hyper-Flex Polyurethane Cush drive kit by AFAM Drive Systems and Energy Suspension. Unlike stock rubber Ducati Cush Drive hub sets, Superlite Hyper-Flex Polyurethane Cush Drive lugs have been engineered to give longer lasting performance while withstanding contaminates that often destroy rubber. Polyurethane expands once compressed which in turn provides zero slop when under torque while also offering high durability, great looks and 25% less weight over stock units. If your looking for maximum traction, smoother throttle transition and overall performance, this rear setup is for you."

Thank you for your time.
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