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FS: Carbonvani 1098 Carbon Fiber Fairing Stay / Headlight Bracket

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Hi Everyone,

I purchased this a few years back and never got around to installing it. It's still brand new. The part number on Carbonvani's site is D098-38. Here's a link: Carbonvani production for Ducati 1098 and Ducati 848

$400 + shipping/paypal. I'm located in Southern California (Torrance) and can meet anywhere within the LA area for easy viewing/pickup.

Please feel free to email me for a faster response, [email protected].


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A tasty item. A bit tempted..

Any chance of you weighing the item, for comparison? Of course the magnesium stock part weighs very little anyway.

My concern would be whether the mirrors were more inclined to shake with this more flexible support.

Anyone have an insight on this?

I have it mounted on my bike and made no discernible difference to the mirrors. Does look nice though.
Hi Pat, I just weighed it on a standard bathroom scale so the accuracy might not be 100% but it came out to 1.0lb.

Dutch848, yes I can ship intl.

Thanks Ed.

Just checked the price on Carbonvani and it looks like it would be cheaper for me to directly order it from them.

Considering shipping, duty and paypal costs.


I just shot you a follow up e-mail. Let me know if that works for you.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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