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FS Cardo G9X powerset $300 + shipping & PP

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Upgraded to the Cardo Packtalk so have the G9X Powerset up for sale to cover some of the cost.

Just to avoid any confusion, this is two G9X units, already paired and ready to go for just a couple dollars more than a single unit would cost by itself. Units are in excellent shape, only used for a couple months of riding...no scratches, dents or dings. These are waterproof and dust proof so no concerns about getting caught out in the weather. Intercom system works great...no more jacked up sign language about where to turn or having to stop for gas. Split the cost with a riding buddy and this is as cheap as it gets for one of the best com systems on the market.

Everything is back in the original packaging, all manuals, tools, parts, pieces and even the velcro are included. Speakers are brand new and never used (I didn't want to change the ones already in the helmets so put the new ones from the packtalk in with this).

Obviously this is just a stock photo, but if you want I can open the box and take pics of the actual units.

As in the title...$300 + shipping and PP. I will ship them the same day as payment if its not too late in the day. Shipping from 35007 if you want to check rates yourself.

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Guys and Gals...if you have never ridden with comms, you don't know what you're missing. Another added bonus, Bluetooth music...no more fishing your earbuds up into the helmet or forgetting they are in when you take the helmet off...no more wires to route or snag! A big selling point for me anyway. And they are voice activated...change music tracks and answer the phone without taking your hands off the bike.

Phone call quality is excellent! I have not heard one complaint about background noise or wind while riding...everyone is surprised when I tell them I am on my bike...on the freeway...going speeds I wont mention on here.

Did I mention these are waterproof? You get stuck in a sudden downpour with these, no problem...unlike some other units.

Pics of the actual units.

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