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***Email direct [email protected]***

Check ebay username Tractionless for stellar feedback.

Bike is for Sale as well.

DOS 30mm offset triple clamps fit either Ohlins or Showa forks, have tapered roller bearings installed. $500 + your OE Showa bottom triple clamp and all tapered bearing kit parts other than the 2 races that are installed in the steering head. I'll pay my shipping, you pay yours.

Ohlins 25mm internaled OE Showa forks $1000 + your OE Showa forks in 9+ condition. Springs are 9.5 N/mm and I will include the setup card from the suspension shop. I'll pay my shipping you pay yours.

SOLD OE Ohlins S steering damper with mounting bracket $300 shipped and PP'd.

OE Ohlins S (DU515) rear shock modified by GMD to mimick the Ohlins 3x clicker models. It does just that!! I've ridden both Penske 2x clicker and Ohlins 3x clicker models and this is spot on with them. $500 shipped

DucShop linear rear link $450 shipped. Retail is $500 + shipping.

Termignoni Gen2 cans with brackets etc. $1,250 + your 9+ condition Termignoni Gen1 cans with brackets etc. I pay my shipping, you pay yours.

Sato rearsets $350 + your OE rearsets including shift pedal and hardware in 9+ condition. I pay my shipping you pay yours.

Alth Quick Change Rear Sprocket & Carrier. Sprocket is OE tooth and pitch. $300 shipped.

Luimoto covered & Embroidered OE Seat $150 shipped.

DP front CF fender painted and cleared to match $200 shipped CONUS

Magical Racing Carbon smoke windscreen $300 shipped. Retail is $350 new + shipping from Japan. In 10 condition, not a single chip, scratch etc.

SOLD Shift-Tech CF lower tank panels.

SOLD Shift-Tech ram air covers.

Shift-Tech CF rear fender painted to match and cleared over, zero damage $225 shipped. Retail is $250 new + shipping + paint.

SOLD Shift-Tech CF key guard (upper).

Lower CF key guard, zero damage $50 shipped, unsure of brand but it matches ST to the T.

SOLD Shift-Tech CF chain guard.

HM SuperLite Quick Shifter (full system) $375 shipped incl. rod. Retail is $420


1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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