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Beautiful Corse style rear sets from Motowheels.
These featured on Troy's WSBK supposedly ...!!!

Motowheels Description:
"The Ducati 1098-848 "Corse" style rear sets as featured on WSBK bikes. Made of 6000 series aluminum. Folding footpegs that can
be pinned to lock in place. Rubber toe piece and aluminum heelguards. Anodized Black body with silver footpegs. "

I used these for a few seasons {road and track} on my 1098R and they are superb ....the difference over stock pegs is insane.

Condition is great, few tiny nicks out of heel guards, RHS foot peg has kissed the ground a few times too :naughty:
just see pics...pegs still have massive grip and knurled area is still very aggressive.

These are the best, and look the best....and rare.
Don't buy sh*t rear sets, good ones make a huge difference

Priced to sell $320AUD plus shipping


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I hope you're not getting rid of the bike mate? Will these Rearsets work with the Ducati quickshifter?

Have you got any other items that you're wanting to get rid of?
Hi Pirate
In general, I'm told yes, these work with quickshiters, but never got around to fitting one.
I don't think they work with a racing reverse gear quickshifters , could be wrong.

Other bits left are:

NCR Titanium clutch cover you can see above
Suede DP seat
Full Carbon OEM 1098R Tail !
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