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FS: Leo Vince, Puig, Pitbull and Misc OEM Parts for 848, 1x98

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For sale I have some aftermarket and OEM parts used on a 2011 848.

First up is the Leo Vince Factory Evo II Carbon Slip-Ons for 848/1098/1198. They only have 1500 miles on them. Looking to get $550 obo + shipping.

XEROX Aftermarket Body Work. Has a small crack on tail section from installation. Good condition. $375 obo + shipping.

Pitbull Stand for 848, 1X98. This is only available for local pick-up. Located in North Jersey. $120 obo.

Puig Racing Windscreen - Dark Smoke. $55 obo + shipping

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Stock Headers from 848 EVO. $85 obo + shipping.

Stock Rear Passenger Seat. Will work on 848, 1X98. $80 obo + shipping.

Stock 848 EVO ECU. $120 obo + shipping.

2011 848 EVO Exhaust Valve Servo Unit. $40 obo + shipping.

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Bump. Throw me some offers I am a motivated seller.

In central jersey, first thing I'd want is the stand. Maybe other stuff. Where you located? Thanks
Can I see better pics of the bodywork? What brand is it?
Can I see better pics of the bodywork? What brand is it?
PM sent
If the stand is up I would like to get it. Philly location
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