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I have 2 shocks (one by Ohlin and the other one by sachs) and a complete (ok, it looks complete) exhaust system, along with some other small parts.

Ohlins shock: "Ohlins Racing 516", on the coil: 01092-29/90 L345". Has some kind of Ohlins brand attachment (the black tube is cracked at one end (see the scans)

Sachs shock looks great. Sorry, I cannot find any numbers on it.


double tail pipe: part number: ZDM-A40 and ZDM-A41. On the back: 573.1.077 1E Remus 26 and 573.1.078.1E Remus 26

Other large part: 572.1.142.1B ZDM-E11

Smaller pipe: ZDM-N42/1 571.1.095.1C

Some part: MS4R/SDUCATI049(USA) SB35LEPJ - no clue what it's for.

Lever (or a pedal) 457.1.018.1A

Also. O2 sensor and misc small parts

The whole lot came in a Ducati exhaust box.

Please make an offer. Will be willing to trade the parts for a high end watch

links to the scans of the parts: ducati pictures by sxc505 - Photobucket

I can be reached @ 434 630 8523
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