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FS: New gas cap with key black with red accent

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I have got a new black gas cap with key. It is an extra one so I won't be needing it. Make an offer. I believe it's Ashai I could be wrong on the spelling but I will update that later. The pic is top stock and bottom on.

I accept PayPal and I ship redick fast. (Most cases same day)

Thank you


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Arashi- it does come with the black key. This is the one that looks like the Rizoma, as you can tell.
How much and where u located? Interested shipping to vancouver cAnada
Make an offer and I can find out how much shipping would be. I'm in PA.
OK just calculated the price for shipping to Canada. Wow is that expensive. The range is from $40- 60 dollars. That's a lot for shipping. But it's up to you if your willing to pay it.
Will this fit any bike?

I'm interested if Han711 backs out.
Han is out. I don't blame him. Yes this will fit your bike too. Let me know.
Thank you
Selbitz let me know. Still available.
Still for sale. Hit me up. I would like this gone.
Price Drop $29.50
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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