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I am in So Cal. I just bought my dream 1198 and need to sell it to buy a car with a back seat lol. It is a 2009 1198 in Pearl White, Carbon Termi slip ons. Dry open clutch cover, zero gravity etc. It is pretty stock with about 8700 miles on it. I am asking $10500 and I am pretty firm because I am not in a hurry but..... I would do a straight trade for a car that is comparable in price. I am looking for something fast with a back seat, supercharged would be nice. Mustang, Saleen, WRX, Camaro, CTS-V, M3 etc. What do you have? The car must be smog legal. The title on the bike is clean and in my name. E mail [email protected] with any interest or message me through this thread. Thanks


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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