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I'm cleaning out some space and am looking to sell some oem parts I have upgraded.

1. Carbon Fiber heat shield for termignoni 70mm exhaust. It came with the exhaust and is in good condition with the original foil backing.

2. OEM grips with stock throttle cam. The throttle side is fine but the clutch side has a small tear in the end from removal. It is not visible if oriented downwards when installed *sold*

3. black Kaoko throttle lock. I removed it and made my own. This comes with both the throttle lock and a matching clutch side bar end. I removed because the paint on the throttle lock bar ends easily rubs off from leather glove contact. As you can see from photos, there are some stripped spots.

4. OEM clutch and brake levers. These were not on my bike. I had them lying around as a spare. the clutch side looks like it had been down at some point with some scratches on the bottom. However, it is straight with no cracks. *sold*

5. OEM plastic instrument cluster cover.
6. OEM rear sprocket cover
7. OEM rear sprocket(no cush drives) 11k miles
8. OEM triple clamp
9. OEM clip on clamps
10. OEM ride height adjuster
11. OEM rear sprocket and wheel nuts
12. OEM front axle nut and spacer
13. OEM plastic under nose panel

14. OEM red(with white letters) fuel tank from an 1198. I purchased this used from Gothamcycles to replace my stock fuel tank which had expanded and was keyed. The 1198 tank is in decent condition and has not yet expanded. I will not be including the mounting brackets, fuel pump or cap. There are a few nicks in the paint near the mounting areas and under the plastic side trim panels which seems to be a common occurrence on these bikes. There seems to be a scuff on the right side over the ducati logo that can be polished out. It is light enough that it is hard to capture in photos. For the right price, i will throw in an unopened Caswell tank sealing kit which i was going to use on the new tank. I have an eti fuel cell inbound so no longer need any of this.

15. OEM 1098 red(with silver letters) fuel tank. The tank seems to have stopped expanding but will require the corse dynamics reinforced fuel tank bracket(can be purchased from motowheels). The tank was keyed a few years ago and filled in touch up paint, but it is noticeable. There are 2 long key marks on top of the tank and one or two on the right side. Fuel pump, cap, and mounting hardware not included. *sold*

15. 2 OEM saddles. One is in great condition and the other has been modified with a saddlemen gel insert and is a bit noticeable where the insert's outline can be made out in the stock vinyl cover. However, it is much more comfortable than the stock foam seat.

16. OEM silver passenger pegs with mounting bolts *sold*
17. OEM Showa shock
18. OEM Showa fork internals and springs

PM me for photos and offers.

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Do you have rear view mirrors for sale?
Yes, I do. The right mirror is in very good condition but the left was knocked off from walking into it. The mirror is not scratched or cracked. It broke where the adapter is screwed into the mirror section. I have used shoegoo to glue it back together and is not very noticeable unless you are looking for it. It also vibrates less than a normal mirror. Right mirror, $100 shipped. Left mirror $75 shipped. $150 for the pair. PM me with your e-mail for pictures.

Just noticed you're in philly so not too far away. can probably meet up if you're interested.
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