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fuel lines

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So final hit 7.5 k service on my 848 streetfighter. So I change the oil and filter. Did the spark plugs too but I kinda ran into a problem with the fuel lines. I forgot to label the lines.... so my question does it matter? I mean both lines are connected through a T connector on the air box. And from all the pdf manual it doesn't label which line go to which end. Thanks for your time.
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It will either run or not run. They're a closed loop system, but it does like getting fuel from the "input" rather then the "output". So connect them up and see if the bike runs. If it doesn't, swap them. :)
It doesn't matter much either way.

They will sit slightly better one way as opposed to the other.
Just use your discretion and have a good look at it both ways.
They're easy to swap around;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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