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fuel pump plate replacement HELP!

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So while replacing the shite plastic quick disconnects on my 996s fuel pump (with the metal ones from Gotham cycle) I managed to break one of in the pump (the metal one not the the plastic oem one) and cracked my pump plate. I was able to get another plate but it was from a 916 and has the banjo fittings, does anyone know what tap to use to install the quick connects on the 916 pump plate?
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It is NPT thread, a tapered thread so I doubt you can tap it. I bought a complete pump unit from a guy on ducati.ms but I told him to keep the plate and other stuff I didn't need. The plate was paid for so shoot him a message, tell him I sent you and and i'm sure he will give it to you cheap. His ID is: draganc

OHH thats no good! Yea, gotta be very careful when tightening them.

I'd just buy a used assembly on ebay or something. Its cheap enough and with the age of the assembly, I'd replace the internal hoses AND pump with a new one, so you never have to touch it again. The pump is actually a generic part from a Fiat. You can do a google search and cross-reference the part numbers. I buy them from a local parts warehouse for $65 bux.
Its been done, I saw a thread on the other Ducati site that ran thru the process. Unfortunately I can't find it right now.
Mission Successful< I was able to use the 916 plate, just took off the fuel line banjos and used a 1/4 npt to thread the holes that were already there
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