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FYI: spools for the 821 swingarm are 6mm

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of course some searching or a pair of caliper gauges will get you the answer.. :blind: I figured I'd post up anyways as I found it tough to get confirmation. Went with woodcraft's aluminum spools with my pitbull rear stand. Works great.
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Does anyone know what the thread pitch of the bolt is?
New to the subject: would it fit any PitBull rear stand?
New to the subject: would it fit any PitBull rear stand?
Yes any pitbull dual sided (not for single sided swing arms) will work just fine. Mine works great!
I ordered some Monster 821 swingarm spools / bobbins from ebay and they arrived today.


If you look at the pic you can see there is a step so one would assume they are correct. If you look at the 821 swingarm where they should mount there is a recess where the step of the spool/bobbin goes into. But the step on the bobbin is too big. Maybe I need to find an engineer with a lathe and get him to turn them down? Do the woodcraft ones have a smaller step that goes into the recess of the swingarm?

Mine look like this - Spools all www.woodcraft-cfm.com

The lip fits in the recessed area if I remember correctly.
The step or lip on the spools I have don't fit into the recess. I think I will find someone to turn the step/lip down to the correct diameter so the fir into the swingarm recess.

Anyone have a link where you can buy a Ducati rear stand? I haven't found one for the 821, though I know the Pit Bull will work just fine.
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