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Galfer Full Floating 330mm Rotors. Sold

Ohlins TTX form a 1199s - sold
1199 Corse dynamics mirror block off - sold

AFAM Leightweight Sprocket Carrier - PCD-4
$165 With 525 39T sprocket
$205 with 39t+42t520
+$20 for the stock hub + cush drives

NEW - CRG Long Silver Roll-a-Click Levers Sold
Ducati performance Levers sold

Tire Wheel Rim Alloy wheel Automotive tire
Tire Disc brake Wheel Vehicle brake Automotive tire
Auto part Rim Bicycle part Vehicle Metal
Bicycle part Bicycle drivetrain part Tooth Jaw Crankset
Suspension part Shock absorber Auto part Suspension Coil spring
Gadget Technology Electronic device

503 Posts
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Are these still available? Been waiting for your reply mate..

I was willing to go way out of my way to get the TTX converted to manual clickers and find you a new spring for your weight. Then ship it off to Indonesia.

You have been ignored after multiple low ball offers.

At this point i am only willing to sell you the shock and levers unmodified to the US address in Ohio you mentioned to me. I will give you contact information to modify the shock.

Pm me if you are still interested
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