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Gas on Dash Plastic

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Hello all,

Long time lurker here. I took a demo ride on the 2015 Multi this past Saturday and the gas light came on while I was headed back from my ride. I stopped to fill up and the pump had a very stiff EPA nozzle surround that was tough to push back and keep the fuel flowing. After re-positioning the surround again I pulled the trigger and the damn nozzle moved for split second and gas hit the side of the fuel entry hole and sprayed up and onto the dash area. I had paper towels already close and proceeded to db the gas off the dash area; the gas on the clear plastic had instantly dried and would not come off.

I rode it back to the dealer, told them what had happened, and they pulled it into the detail area. They tried washing it and using other detail products to get the gas stains out but to no avail. This was after their closing time at this point so they said they will try and get it off on Tuesday, but if they can't I'm on the hook for a new screen, and possibly a new dash.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks for how to get the gas off the plastic? I have had gas splatters etc hit the plastic on other bikes and just dabbed it off with no issue, so I'm surprised and frustrated that on this quality of a bike that the plastic would 'stain' from the gas. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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Any time I grab a gas nozzle I always. I mean always grab paper towels and bunch it on the nozzle area just so this doesn't happen. Being raised with firearms never put your finger on the trigger unless engaging or in this case until the nozzle is inserted into the gas tank. Gas and hydraulic fluid will eat certain plastic in seconds. But enough of what you should of done. here's your options.

Here is how to repair the dash for cheap but I doubt the dealership will let you take it home do pull it apart.

I don't think ducati will just replace the plastic lens they will probably want to replace the whole dash. Seeing the proses on what it takes to replace the dash lens.

I don't know legally if they have you on the hook, you would figure thats what insurance is for but I have never damaged any vehicle while on a test ride. You might be shit out of luck. maybe you could fight it and pay a discounted fee. Sucks that you just went for a test ride and that happened, but that's why it's called life and not easy.
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Haha... why would you be on the hook???

THEY let you demo ride a bike with no gas. nOT TO MENTION- ITS A demo BIKE.
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Did you sign any papers before, or after your demo ride?
Definitely would not want to use that dealership for any future business. That is shady to put you on the hook after giving you a demo bike with no fuel (unless you had a 3hr demo ride). The amount of fuel you put in should cover any additional depreciation on a bike they will sell as used in a year or two.
Thanks for the replies. Yes, on the form that I signed prior to riding it states that I will reimburse the dealer for any costs relating to any part that may be damaged while in my possession or control. I'll find out tomorrow when they are open and have had a chance to try and clean it off if I get charged or not. And it had gas in it when I left; the light came on after I had ridden about 15 miles or so. The gas station this happened at was right down the street from the dealer; I had felt like filling the tank was the right thing to do since I had test ridden a Monster 1200 twice in the past two weeks and then ridden the Multi.

Just to be clear I'm not throwing the dealer under the bus, I take full responsibility; it was simply an accident that I've never had happen in my 18+ years of riding street bikes. I'm hoping that something can be done so I *don't* have to pay for a replacement, but if I do I will, stuff happens.
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Yup... you are on the hook for it... Ah well shit happens my friend!

I'll have to keep this in mind when i fill up my '15 MTS... Will cover the dash each and every time.
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This has been a disappointing aspect of recent Ducati ownership - that the dash lens is so fragile, and so easily affected, yet cannot be replaced.

The trouble the owner went to to repair his was pretty major, given that the upper case and lens should be available as a cheap spare part.

Let's face it - it is made of cheap plastic!

But no - we are up for thousands, having to replace parts in a linked system between the dash, the ignition switch and key sensor, and the ECU.

Not good enough Ducati. Our '07 models had this issue, and lo and behold - the 2015 models still have the same problem.

Shades of the radiator issue they were in denial over for years.. At least they sorted that one - eventually. They seem to underestimate how negative these issues are for the Ducati brand.

Like the old days - great bikes, let down by a few details. Very sad. Surely the manufacturer of the dashes could supply outer cases as a spare part?

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That clause you signed for is to protect the dealer in the event you drop the bike, or are in an accident. Not for putting fuel in it.

So if your wore good boots and scratched up the shifter, you would be on the hook for a rearset?

I would fight that tooth and nail.
I don't thik you have an 'issue'.

I'd just walk away and tell them to fill the tank themselves next time.

The tank, dash, frame etc. should be fuel proof IMO.
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