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Fogs, look at the parts manual for the engine, page number 20. Item number 21 is the return spring. It sure looks like you can remove six screws, #28 & #29, to get the cover off to access the shift mechanism to change that spring.

The transmission is a cassette style transmission, which means that after you remove the counter-shaft sprocket, the whole mess pulls out the opposite side of the bike without otherwise disturbing the crankcase. See the diagram on page 22. The housing into which the gear shafts fit is part number one on page 20.

The primary intent of this style of gearbox is to facilitate fast changes of gear ratios (the entire gear-set) at the track. I hope this isn't too late to give you some piece of mind.

My warranty is well-expired. If I were in your situation I would most certainly make the repair myself. Worst case, you take the transmission parts to the dealer (in a plastic bin) and have them reassemble it, then take it back home an re-install it yourself.

The Engine Service Manual, page 118, states, "It is possible to remove gear control lever-and-cover assembly both with removable gearbox installed in the crankcases and with the same removed.
When removable gearbox is installed in the crankcases, loosen gear control cover (26) retaining screws
(28) and (29) and remove cover together with its seal (27). If gear control cover is removed when
gearbox is no longer installed in the crankcases, simply remove the three screws (29) only.
Remove gear change lever assembly (19) with drum inertia stop plate (23).
Remove washer (20) to disassemble the gear change lever assembly (19).
Remove spring (21)."

Et cetera.

Frankly, I cannot imagine an experienced mechanic spending a whole hour on the return spring replacement, even including removing & re-installing the bodywork.
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