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Please pay attention to the following rules for posting. Although I generally make an honest push for FREE speech, please have courtesy and abide by the following:

1) Please do not post confidential Ducati documents on this site. I often choose the pathway of NOT moderating threads, but actions such as this will result on consequences to this site BEYOND that of deleted post. In other words, this site may be placed at risk if this continues.

2) Unless you are a forum/site sponsor, we request that you do not make any plugs regarding your business. This means, no introducing products, no listing your website in your signature, and no discussion about prices and/or products you may have.

I hope that this forum continues its course of building a long lasting Ducati enthusiast community. If you know that the documents you may have in hand are PUBLIC knowledge and are available to someone that say, walks into a store, then feel free to post. However, if questions arise about the disclosure of the information, I will be forced to take it offline until further information is given to me.

Thanks everyone,
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