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Good 900ss cr spare parts to have on hand?

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I recently purchased a 94' 900ss cr in good condition, 13k miles, and there's a guy in town parting out three other 900ss' and I was wondering what would be good parts to harvest from his bikes to have on hand for future repairs or even current replacements. Something that comes to mind to me is the aluminum swing arm off the SP, for instance.
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Found the answer from a guy who restores 900ss':

Starter solenoid
Timing belts
Ignition pick ups
Igniter boxes
Starter sprag clutch
Clutch plates
Tank breather valve
Fuel petcock
Fuel sending unit
Fuel pump
Tach cable
Speedo cable
Speedo drive unit
Steering neck bearings
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I saw this post and am looking for parts. I damaged the left side of my 95 sscr at a track day (nasty little high side) and stoved in the gas tank (no leak) put the hurt on the fairing and several miscellaneous parts all on the left. If there is someone parting out a similar bike I am interested.
Be aware that these models need their cylinder studs replacing if they still have the standard stainless ones (visible through the cylinder fins). They break eventually.

The black steel replacements from the 996 are the solution.

Unfortunately the top end has to come off to replace them.

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And the standard coils aren't worth buying. They lack voltage.

Stronger ones from Bosch or Dyna invariably improve the bike. Then you'll have yours as spares..
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Don't waste your money buying used timing belts.
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