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For the 07-13 Z71 owners in the VA/NC area, I have an offer for you to swap suspensions.

Purchased new and installed in April 2010, I have a Rancho 4" suspension lift, 20" chrome Rockstar wheels, and BFG M/Ts in VA (23665) for trade for a stock Z71 suspension/wheel/tire setup for the Second-gen Silverados/Sierras.

30K miles on it all -- tires are still in good shape, easily will get another 15K out of them and probably more, obviously you pay a premium on BFG M/Ts for the mileage and life you get out of them. Wheels have no pitting. Actual height raised by the suspension lift prior to putting new wheels/tires on was about 5", so with the tires is was a good 5.5+" taller than stock, not quite 6" taller. Whole setup, including the tires when new, cost me just under $5K.

Setup is still on my truck, so we will work those details out if you're interested in trading. Reason I need to go back to stock is for use of my bed -- with current setup I have to tow a trailer to and from VIR on the other end of the state instead of just throwing my motorcycle in the bed of my truck. I also am not too far away from having kids, and the stock ride height would make it a lot easier to get kids/car seats in and out.

Contact me here or at [email protected] to discuss.


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