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Dear ladies,
I am selling Desmo parts bought from a reliable colleague in this forum from the UK but never installed.
The parts were dismantled from his bike before he sold it to a professional Desmo garage, perfectly packed and shipped to me.
So, I have a
- complete TCS system including a Dynojet power commander and Nemesis Traction control
  • complete Dymag 17-inch wheel
  • full carbon Casey Stoner fairing
  • full GP7 system, including fairing for team model, bolts, lights, etc
  • Race SBK evolution clutch from 1098

My Desmo Dealer said it isn't a big deal to install the parts, as long as you know how to work on a Desmo:)
As mentioned, the components weren't fixed but are well stored and fully operational.
I bought everything together and planned to organize the deal similarly. I can imagine shipping worldwide, but I have to check the options then. Shipment costs have to be agreed upon with the buyer.
If anyone is interested, the parts are still in the same condition and for sale. Just PM me.

Obliged by EU legislation: This is a private sale, so I assume no liability or warranty.

Tx and all the best,

Here are some pics of the parts. Enjoy.....

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire Road surface

Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Automotive lighting Automotive exterior
Blue Gas Electric blue Auto part Metal

Car Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Tire

Font Electronic device Electric blue Soil Event

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Hood Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting White

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Hi Rino,
In general possible. Sure. We just have to find a trustworthy courier. The parts aren't heavy but quite bulky.
How much would you like to spend on the whole package?
Kind regards from Austria,
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