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Hi Guys, i'm new in this world, from june I bought a new 899...i'm very excited about my new bike. Last saturday i was coming back from 1000 KM now i can try sport and race mode
So this is my question, I've seen a lot of topics to find a valid alternative for gps mount on my paginale...but no one I like.
No RAM Mount
No ihook1
....there is no alternatives?
So, i want to project it from myself....i maked a very very alpha prototype..with paper box...
My idea is to project this part and after print it by 3D printer...but apologize I don't know how to transfer my idea on a computer project. Because of this i ask a community help....I attach some image from my paper box prototype... Let me know if someone can help me..?.maybe to help himself.
Ofcourse i can agree some change or improvement of original project...Thank in advance and sorry for my english.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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