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Flushed the coolant for the second time owning a 2012 848 Corse. The first time was swapping factory coolant for Engine Ice 2 years ago. I can recall how aggressive I got in siphoning the reservoir so thats a thing. Bike has been tracked relatively heavily. I think its probably 70/30 track miles at this point.

Dumped the coolant from the plug at the pump and it all looked good, that bluish/purple that looks basically like what comes out of a fresh bottle of engine ice if not slightly darker. But the wrinkle came to the tank. I ran some hose into the base and siphoned out everything and at the bottom there was this grayish sludge. Not a lot but enough to take note. Has anyone seen this before? These water pumps prone to bearing failures, etc?

Oil was swapped in the spring and looked like regular used oil, in fact took quite a while to lose the translucent green and turn into flat coffee. Only thing found in either filter was some excess liquid gasket that broke loose.

Coolant, you just might be able to see the cloud of the odd stuff

The grey tinted stuff left behind as I pulled the hose out:

On the siphon hose:

Wiped onto a towel. Once dried looks like pencil graphite:

Also a little LOL, had the alt/reg-rec unhooked while I warmed the bike up after fresh coolant because I forgot to plug it back in after cleaning it out and prepping it with dialectric and zero errors or lights on the dash. Good to know it doesnt tell me if the system isnt charging.
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