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Great Features - Helmet Lock

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On 51 of the instruction manual I found the 1098 gives you a helmet cable and allows you to lock you helmet to the bike.

How sweet is that!!!.

The funny bit is the declaimer

This device protects the helmet against theft when the
motorcycle is parked. Do not leave the helmet attached in
this way when riding the motorcycle, as it can interfere with
your movements and cause loss of control of the motorcycle.
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...true true tsk tsk to all ya that dont wear yours during operation of the motor cycle.
Really don't understand why you need laws to enforce wearing a helmet. Least when you come off and if you survive you will look so ugly it would be wise to put on a helmet
They've had that feature on their bikes for years, my 748 has it, and it definitely comes in handy in the downtown areas. I personally don't understand why anyone would ride without a helmet, wether there is a law or not, kinda silly. As for the folks who ride with the helmet attached to the cable lock, are they retarded? Maybe when they lay their bike down and their face turns into mush they'll be thankful that the one side of their bike was wearing it's helmet and didn't get as F***ed up as the rest of it or them, so dumb.... I laugh when I see these people, because also, what's the use in paying like $500 for a helmet and not wearing it. The helmet cable lock system is definitely cool though, I wonder if it's as tight a fit to the bike as the earlier ones like mine? Anyone with a 1098 used it yet?
I'm constantly amazed that you guys in the US don't have a helmet wearing law. You're so good with safety issues in general. It seems strange to allow people to ride around with nothing to protect the most important and most fragile body part!

Isn't it dangerous enough that you all drive on the wrong side of the road? :)

In England, we all must wear a helmet. I wear on on my bicycle, snowboard, climbing...I even have a replica 'Gladiator' helmet that I wear in bed (but that's another story – ask the wife!)

No alcohol before you're 21, now that's a great law! I wish we had that over here.

Right, isn't it time for a nice cup of tea?
Now a 'Gladiator' helmet would be awesome riding the duc... maybe a little scary in bed, but I don't know how you Brits are with that.... I do believe I will enjoy a nice cup of tea myself
Wow, that's a great idea! I wonder if it's legal.

I was just thinking, a 1098s with full termi system might be a little subtle. But with a Roman Gladiator helmet..... I think that might just do it! :D
When I came to the states, I was amazed about that you don't need a helmet and thought it would be cool, because back in Germany you need one...
Well one nice summer day I decided to not wear one... I came behind a truck which had sand loaded.... Since that day I know how a sandstorm feels and I'll never ride without one............
But True the Americans are strange.... If you don't buckle up your seat belt you get a ticket but if you wear some glasses on the bike you're fine.......
I rented a Harley in Florida a couple of months ago (no i'm not gay, it was all I could rent!) and I gotta tell you I really enjoyed riding without a helmet for a few hours in the sunshine.

However that was plodding around at 60mph max on wide straight roads. Would I not wear a helmet on the backroads of the UK at silly speeds? No way jose. Horses for courses.
I ride with a bunch of guys who wear never helmets... they feel too cool to wear one.. I think its crazy. Sometimes we make the 30miles downtown in less than 15mins mostly through traffic...
Okay enough about the helmet laws; What about the Helmet Cables on the 1098'S.
I Haven't found mine? Is there realy one there.

Okay back to USA vs EU;;;;;;; I prefer to have the choice, like abortion; not that I agree with abortion. If you want to take your life in your on hands....well why not....you can join the Army and let some one else risk your life for a rich guy or politician who's kids won't...hey in the Balt./D.C. area...a wrong turn or look can get you shot.

Maryland used to have a no helmet law, and summer night cruzing in the city was great... putting speeds of corse. Oh, and staying off of North Ave. & Greenmount..

However, when on death speed, Helmet, helmet.....helmet. Oh and steel toe shoes.
I haven't seen a cable for my base either. Has anyone out there received theirs? Justwondering before I call my dealer....again.
uhm yea, i didnt recieve a helmet cable of any kind that i know of either, unless its hiding somewhere. Anyone with a 1098 actually have one?
Just an FYI guys.
If you ride out here in Kalifornia - we have helmet laws and they are strictly enforced.
Highway Patrol having one of those days and doesn't think your helmet is approved, you'll get pulled over. Don't have a DOT or Snell sticker on your custom painted helmet -- bike gets towed to impound.
god california is such a commi state!
Stevelkinevil said:
god california is such a commi state!
Uh, yes.
That's why its correctly spelled with a 'K'.
Be glad you're not stuck here.
weldingshop said:
Any one found the cable yet?
No cable with mine, not that I'd use it anyways.
No, also no cable with my 1098S either, and I am not going to compain about it :D
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