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I had a bunch of the usual Japaneese suspects, GSXR, CBR...

I will say the best one I owned was a 2003 RC51. An amazing bike with heavenly brakes and an incredible V-twin with harmonious gear driven cams...with a set of aftermarket pipes, they sound awesome.

After that I went thru 3 MV Agustas, which was my introduction to Italian motorcycles. I had 2 F4 1000's and a Brutale.

The MV F4's were awesome. The brutale I could not jive with. I had that bike for 300 miles. Went to trade it in on a Ducati Streetfighter. Test rode the SF, and I didnt feel it....

The Ducati sales manager asked if I wanted to test ride a 'real' bike when I got back from the Streetfighter test ride. I said, sure..I guess.

He tossed me the keys to his personal demo, an 848 Corse...

I knew in the first 200 yards, I was buying that bike!!! It hit every desire, made my balls tingle, made me 4 inches taller and suddenly my bank account was overflowing. Chicks were lining up to get to know me. Brad Pitt was asking for my autograph....

I had a straight up 2 year love afair with that bike. I would sit in my garage at night and drink beer and talk to her. Her name was Octavia, my Italian princess. She and I made love on the street and danced like we were on 'Dancing with the Stars' while on the track. She was perfect. I was smitten. She was mine, I was hers.

Then, like a fool, I let my friends on Japaneese bikes tell me I needed more power...my bike was too slow...

Then the worst thing happened. I traded Octavia in....

She was the best bike Ive ever owned. Hands down.

I miss her terribly.
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