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hi all
got myself a new steed - the 1200s. and boy is she a step up from my old one - bonnie T100.
need a small help, am not much of an apple lover but the ducati multistrada link app is currently available only on apple and not android. any advice on the points below:
1. any idea when the android version might come?
2. is it worth the effort for me to go in for an iPhone only for this app? need to add that i have had couple of lemons from apple (pun intended) earlier and hence am not much of a fan of apple
happy riding

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App for Android

Hi India!

contact: [email protected]

thats what i got:

Dear Tester,

We found the problem and it is related only to NO ENGLISH users.

If you are an English user and your phone has English language set, you can proceed with this link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ducati.dml

If you are a NO English user you can quickly solve the problem by this steps:
- If already installed, unistall the app
- Change the language of your phone ( settings > language ) into english (any country)
- Install the app from the same link
- Change back the language of the phone into your personal language
- Start using the app!

We will definitely solve the problem in the next days.

Thanks for your collaboration

Ducati Team

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