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Grinding noise at idle. 1998 ST2

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My bike just started making this horrible sound at idle... Pulling clutch lever doesn't change it. Different sound than the usual loud clutch... My bike makes that sound too lol but it's been doing that since I've had it.

The grinding sound seems to go away or become unintelligible if I give it throttle. Any type of rpm increase seems to make it go away. But comes back at idle every time.

Using a screw driver as a stethoscope, the sound seems to be loudest from the bottom part of the left side case. Check my picture. Bike is a 98 st2 with 32k miles.


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It's not common but flywheels have been known to come loose. Also the small crank bearing under the cover just above your finger will make a horrible intermittent 'grinding' sound if it starts to fail..... also not common but it does happen.

The bearing is the easiest thing to check first. However both require removing the cover to correct. I'd strongly encourage you to check it before you add more miles to avoid the possibility of a terminal failure. A loose flywheel can makes a real mess in there if left too long, as will a collapsed end bearing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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