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The Ducati Omaha / R&G Racing Group buy will open today Aug 15th, and close on Friday Aug 29th. The group buy is for 15% OFF of every R&G Racing product with FREE continental U.S. Shipping, and 50% OFF standard rates for International Shipping!

Orders will be compiled at the close of the group buy and the bulk order will then be submitted to R&G on the 30th. We will receive and distribute the products as soon as the bulk order arrives at our location.

Submit your order on the Ducati Omaha website using the discount code: RGBUY. This discount may not be used in conjunction with any other products, and no other discount codes may be used in conjunction with this offer. Note: To use the discount code, enter it in the Discount Code in the box and then click the "Enter Discount Code" button.

Below are links to the Ducati Omaha website for the Hypermotards

821 Crash Protection

1100/796 Crash Protection
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