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This is what the inside of the m821 exhaust looks like after I gutted it out. I forgot to take pics of the actual piece I took out but it is actually a cylindrical piece of what looked like layers of stainless steel webbing which is welded to the collector pipe. All I wanted is a little more sound out of the factory pipe and the result was significantly noticeable. I can describe the sound as more like a mellow down termignoni (compared from a friends bike with the termis). But for those who are wondering what the inside of it looks like well here it is.

I'll try and take a sound clip next time.

Back side cut out.

I left the two protruding pipes in to get a little turbulence inside. These pipes are not connected to any of the material I took out.

Welding it back closed.

All finished.

Mine and my friends M821 with termis.
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