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hammerhead shifter

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i've searched and searched, and there's really no good shifter option for performance riding for the 1200s. i really like hammerhead designs (Shift Levers | Hammerhead Designs) and have been lobbying them to launch a product for our bikes.

off the cuff, the customer rep said an order for 300 might move the needle. in the off chance i can get enough riders in, who would go for a hammerhead shifter?

their pricing for similar products is ~$40-70 depending on specific design and method (cnc or forged).

c'mon fellas!
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hmmm... people like the stocker?!?
If the price is similar to the hyper, I'm in ($30-60)


P.S. I also e-mailed them about it but I never got an answer ....

Edit: Dear me. I just got back to the site and they seem to have upped the price (I think I saw it for something like $64 for the hypermotard a few weeks ago). Did they give you any estimate as to the price?
i've searched and searched, and there's really no good hammerhead designs option for performance riding for the 1200s. i really like hammerhead designs (Shift Levers*| Hammerhead Designs) and have been lobbying them to launch a product for our bikes.
I called back in 2011 to get the designers at Hammerhead Designs to make Shift & Brake Levers for the Multistrada 1200S. I had on installed on my 2011 BMW 1200GS TB, it was awesome with a solid feel and touch, I had the rubber one which is a replaceable sleeve, I highly recommend them. I sold the large 2011 BMW 1200GS TB three months after I purchased it, and then purchased the amazing 2011 Multistrada 1200S Sport.

I had installed the $900.00 overpriced Ducati Performance: Enduro Shift, Brake Levers. and Foot-pegs. DP Shift & Brake Levers are great and solid, but the foot-pegs are not as nice as the billet aluminum Roc Stompa Pro concave Foot-pegs that I had on the GS.
hmmm... people like the stocker?!?
So whats wrong with the factory shifter?

Does a 'Hammerhead' shifter perform any better?
Absolutely the Hammerheads and the DP levers are superior in every way, especially in build quality. The stock ones have no feel or sensitivity, and especially no adjustment for a custom fit. The Hammerheads come in configurations to accommodate different feet sizes. And the DP's are made of billet Aluminum and are fully adjustable.

For me three points of contact with the bike are critical for becoming one with the machine. Hands, ass, and feet. Roc Stompa Pro Foot Pegs locked your feet in with their slight concave design. It sucks they closed shop in Australia, bummer :(

And by the way I recommend Evotech folding brake and clutch levers.
he stock ones have no feel or sensitivity,
I can't wrap my had around this. How can something that is solid, i.e. the shift lever, provide a different feel?

I can understand that an after market lever might provide a better fit for people with large or small size feet, but the feel is mostly located in the shift linkage.

Having said that, I test rode another 2015 Multistrada S yesterday and the gear change was real stiff and awkward, whereas mine is buttery smooth.
As a drummer I have certain sensitivity to touch and feel, and a eye for a well deigned and quality made product, made in the USA I might add. The stock ones are shit. It took a wile for my 2011 gearbox to brake in, as the BMW GS was smooth from day one. At the start and even now I have to stomp on it to get it in gear. Every ADV bike has a different shift feel.

If I have to explain it any more you will just not get it. It is like a BMW M steering-wheel, it is ergonomic, it has quality soft leather, and the right diameter - all offering better control, which it is all about in the first place.
Appreciate your reply, I have a '15 BMW X5 with the M package, so I agree with you on the steering wheel.

Just couldn't figure out how much feel I could appreciate through the top re-enforced area and the soul of my Sidi boots.
Trust me you can feel the difference. It is just like the M steering wheel compared to the basic stock ones.

I have Aerostich: Combat Touring Boots with the Wedge Sole made by Sidi, they are made of stiff leather. I also have Sidi Crossfire 2 TA's with the metal sole toe tip taken off so I can walk easily. Size: 43 = a U.S. 9.5/10.

My style is badass urban combat meets Pike Peak. I just wish Ducati would make Black Multistrads again.
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