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Handlebar riser install question

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I just installed the SSR handlebar riser. Does anyone know if it is normal to have a gap between the riser and front of the top clamp? I tightened the bolts to spec and the gap was really ugly. I put washers in to fill it, mostly.
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I like the gap lol. Is it more comfortable?
Depending on the manufacturer these clamps need to be tightened either starting in the back or in the front to get the gaps or lack thereof correct. First finger tightened in the correct order and then evenly amongst the four bolts until finally torqued to spec.

You may be surprised at how big a difference this actually makes.
It is more comfortable. Not only the riding position but it feels like less vibration to my hands.

Problem is the thing did not come with instructions. The web site references a Youtube video but that video is almost worthless for details. I suppose I guessed wrong because I did the 2 bottom bolts first then the top 2. I did tighten in stages though.
Think I'll invest. My right pointing finger always goes numb after an hour or so lol. Pins and needles.

Never had that happen on any other bike.

Looks great.

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Anyone know how to adjust the chain tension on a single sided swing arm...2006 MV Augusta F4. TIA
The gap is normal, but as one poster already stated, some manufacturers lock one side metal to metal first then adjust tension with the other side. If they fit perfect with no gap you would fund many bars would be loose because some are on the low side of machining tolerance, the coating thickness varies, and the bar density also varies.
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