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Hello all, I’m obviously new to the forum. Been on forums for years, had a couple massive car forums if anyones a car person... lets see if we‘ve crossed paths.

My question: Can anyone help me identify my exhaust? Strange question I know. Here’s the deal. Long story short. today is the first day in nearly 4 years I’ve ridden. 3 teens jumped me from behind three years ago playing the “knock out game”. Got a quality brain injury. Fast forward: I cannot f’ing remember the brand of my exhaust for anything! In the meantime of recovering from the brain injury, I’ve been divorced. So all of the boxes and bike part info that was in a nicely organized file, seems to have not survived the years. Cannot find any of it. My ex wouldn’t have a use for it, and probably discarded it. Not maliciously mind you.

These pics are all I have. There are no marking on the exhaust. Hanmade, around $3k when I had em made. Unfortunately, the injury left with me with a few missing pieces in memory... At least I didn’t have to learn to ride again; and now I have an excuse for sucking on guitar. :)


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