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Help: Discounted Tri or yellow base = 40 hours left

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Help. I need to decide by Tuesday morning. Here's the deal:

Dealership 1: Tricolore OTD with full system installed = $26,000

Dealershp 2: Yellow base (that's all) = $17,000 OTD

-Discounted price basically makes it an S with a full system
-Limited production run
-Possibly depreciate less than base model
-I like the paint job a little be more than red (but not that much)
-Available now

-$9K more than the base model I planned on
-Essentially still a 1098
-Both equally fun to ride
-Probably won't hold that much value over a base 1098 (cheaper price of a used base may attract more buyers).

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Take a good look at that picture and tell me why there's any decision at all. I have a tri and every time I look at it I am impressed all over again. It's friggin' gorgeous.
If you plan on buying the bike for an investment and rarely riding it, buy the Tri.

If you want a daily driver (I have over 3600 miles in less than 3 months), buy the standard with the full Termi exhaust.
my personal opinion!

Well they are both beautiful bikes. I did the same thing, I was decideing on the Tri-S-Base. I finally decided and got the base model. I pay way less than the other two. Now I have more money to play with and make mine the way I want it. I mean the differences:

Base S tri (it is an s model)
suspension the same as the s
carbon front hugger lighter wheels
black pipe color (duh)
15,000 20,000 25,000

this is what i did on mine base so far...
$169 stm black aluminum clutch pressure plate
$50 stm pro steinless steel springs
$55 mad duc clutch pressure plate stabilizer
$135 carbon work 10 spoke carbon fiber clutch open cover
$1,450 carbon fiber termignoni slip-on

i still have a few other mods to go, but i'm still not close to even the s model money wise......

if you are going to ride it dayly get the base or the s...if you want it for show then get the tri it is different...personally i didn't like the color scheme in the tri. don't dig the gold wheels frame and other little things here and there...but with that 10k difference i can make my base completely carbon fiber...
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Actually, my ride to work is an 8 mile drive through some residential canyons. So, I would be splitting commuting with the Ducati and my F4S. I'd probably only put 3,000 a year on each (if that much).

I know I'm going to be paying more on the Tri but I'm hoping the $2k off will help me break even later on IF I decide to sell it (like when the base 1098s become 1198).

I did spent an hour at my local dealership looking at customer's TriColore and base yellow. Honestly, I spent a lot of time looking at the Tri. So, right now, I'm thinking of bitting the bullet.
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