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I have been asked by a young Dutch friend to help find other Desmocedici 16 RR owners who may have experienced similar problems. This was his father's bike when new and was a birthday gift from his dad. Here is the google translation of his experience (not perfect but you will get the idea):

Subject: product accountability Ducati, Desmocedici 16 RR 2008.
Subject: Spontaneous catching fire of motorcycle.
Situation Description:
On the early evening of Monday, May 19, 2014 this year. My father mr. H.H.J. Wörner took a ride the Ducati Desmocedici 16 RR.
The cuaght sudden flames spontaneously while driving - from underneath the the engine a few meters after leaving a roundabout on the street Hammerweg, city Ommen in second gear unfortunately flew - 40-60km rate of speed. The engine was running before standing still, then he he switched off using the ignition key and drove quickly to the side of the road and put the motorcycle on the jiffy. Still. The driver (my dad) jumped with burning clothes from the burning motorcycle off and was pulled away by two cyclists. Luckely quickly After about one minute the tank exployed in the air with only +/- 5-7 liters of gasoline in the tank when it happend. Then the motorcycle completely burned away, in no time to crisp. Afterwards the vehicle may considered gone. I brought the bike to the Ducati dealer for investigation about this major problem, and somebody came from Ducati importer and made some pictures to investigate the fire. Afterwards I did not get any responce, communication from Ducati Store, importer nor from Ducati SPA or Ducati Customer service Italy. They even hang up the Phone after I said my name and Chasis number.
All modifications are made on the bike dealer says. But I do not believe Ducati directly, we never have received an recall, or a invoice/writing or signed up for any recal that is made or has to be done.
"We are shocked by this incident with this beautiful and exclusive Ducati and after owner to all exclusive Ducati SP, SPS and R models: from 851, 888, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1098 tricolore and various Ducati monsters this we have luckely never experienced. The driver, my father Mr. H.H.J. Wörner has hereby fortunately suffered "with no burns" Due his quick action, low fuel in the tank and low speed off the motorcycle while riding.

The burnt motorcycle was given on 03-06-2014 to the selling party Ducati Ducati Zaltbommel Ducati Store/dealer to be inspected by the dealer / or Ducati North Europe,France / manufacturer Ducati. 07-06-2014 is the motorcycle received back to my dad. The Ducati Dealer Zaltbommel refrained from any comment all the time.
On 06/19/2014 I received phone received by mr. Fred van Dongen, After sales Ducati Noth Europe. He said we have nothing to conclude that a cause of burning towards Ducati indicates, in addition, the engine had all the modifications to the fuel line and wiring harness. This can cause fire in this engine.
A modification to rear should also be carried out according to Ducati.
However, in our opinion we have gotten these modifications or recalls to these modifications, which may caused the fire. However, should these have only been performed on a note are never mentioned.

It is certain that this type of Ducati can be. Incendiary On eg google and youtube find every variety Desmocedeci Ducati engines that range are burned to the present. It is a small series of 1500 pieces manufactured. And there are rumors that a serie off 15-20 pieces spontaneously flew in fire. The problems are known, we doubt whether the modifications are made and can be checked after this devastating fire.
Current owner: son J.S.M. Wörner, owner off 09.10.2009.

What I would greatly appreciate, is private messages with contact info that I may forward to the Woerners in Holland. It would seem appropriate, based on my limited searching, that this is a product safety lawsuit waiting to be initiated. Desmo Europe is turning a "blind eye" to the problem and here in the USA NHTSA has issued recalls, 2 I think, for problems that could cause the fire. Desmo Europe has been less proactive.

I no respondents appear, does anyone know a motorcycle riding Product Safety attorney who might be interested?


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Definately the regulator. It was a recall, I remember ages ago mine started smoking while on the Dyno! Fitted a 1098R unit and moved it slightly. Problem solved...

Sorry to hear you news...

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Thanks and i have pictures from Marc also, but I have not figured out how to post them in this thread. is that possible?
Naturally there is more than one way to get there...

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