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Hello Everyone,
I am posting this asking for anyone that that knows anything to help.

I have a 2012 Monster 1100 Evo with 4000 Miles. In May 23rd 2014 I took Bob Weaver in Buffalo NY for a Inspection and a issue I was having since I got the bike.

Issue 1: The bike would not start and idle when cold.

Issue 2: When riding the bike at a constant RPM at any speed the bikes jerks back and forth.
( Per-recommendation of Dealer I switched the front spoke ) This made the bike a little better at lower speeds but did not fix the issue at hand.

Issue 3: Inspection

Issue 3 was fixed and when bike was issued back to me 24 hrs later and it did not leave the dealer because I drove it aound the dealer and it still had issues.

The dealer looked at the issue further and was not able to fix it and contacted Ducati. They then stated they found an issue with the Charcol filter and reprogrammed the ECU.

They then delivered the bike back to me in which it turned on and ran with no issues. To I went for a quick ride around the block and i almost went down on my first corner becuase the back lost power. On the way back home I was going about 30 at 4000RPM and you could feel the bike jerk back and forth. It actully jerked at every gear but as you went up in gears and speed it was less noticeiable.

** Note I also found other issues mostly cosmetic that not note worthy just yet.

I took the bike back the next day and asked the tech to take the bike for a ride and he confirmed the bike was not safe to ride.

The contacted Ducati and the recommendation was to replace the ECU. a week later they installed a 2013 ECU and the problem did not go away ( going on 6 weeks )

Now they have checked the timing / replace the plugs / gas / and seveal othe items I can add later.

Still the bike is not rideable.

At least before they updated the ECU i could drive it but they can not go back to the old settings.

Has anyone seen this or have any advise?

I have sent a email to Ducati asking for a US rep to contact my under the NYS Lemon law but nothing yet. And the dealer told me they can not hand out the Reps name or number so I am stuck.

Any help would be great.

Marcelo :kaioken:

2011 Monster 796 ( sold )
2012 Monster 1100Evo

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I had a similar issue with a 2013 Monster 1100 Evo. I took it in for the 600 mile service and once I got it back it was hesitating and backfiring around 3750-4000rpm. The dealer told me it may be bad gas, rode it for 200 miles and then it started leaking oil. The dealer kept it for 6 weeks replacing seals and verifying the timing. They had to contact Ducati because their factory trained mechanics could not figure out the cause. The bike runs great now, but I still think the dealer screwed something up (valve adjustment?) durning the 600 mile checkup and not being straight up with me. The report stated the replaced head seal and adjusted rear brake float. The bike ran great before the 600 mile check up.
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