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I am not Shorai rep, but my educated guess based on making custom LiFePo4 batteries with balancers:

You can leave it on battery tender, battery tender (depending on model) is mostly trickle charger with overcharging protection. If you have alarm, you benefit from trickle charger. If not and you have no parasitic drain, you can leave shorai battery for years with no noticeable discharge (that's the benefit of lithium based batteries).

You might have a problem if you use "intelligent chargers" as they rely on lead acid batteries charging curves to charge properly(without going to tell complicated things, they measure certain properties of lead acid batteries and provide charging currents based on those. If they can't measure these they can refuse charging. For example deeply discharged lithium batteries cannot be charged with halfords inteligent chargers). Therefore standard chargers just work fine.
As far as I know, the shorai uses balancers on their cells and can protect themselves from overcharging. Might not be true to all models sold these days.
Desulfation modes are risky business. They provide high current in bursts or "overcharge" intentionally to shed sulphides from lead acid battery plates. Might not be a good idea on shorai.

My personal preference: you can't know for sure if any lithium batteries are using A123 systems lifepo4 cells. I bought 12cells and did a battery of my own (cost of 12x$6 + $11 for amp connectors). Works well, with extra ground cable bike starts on 1-2 revolution of starter in +3C morning (999 monoposto 2005)

I personally think shorai is a good brand. But there are others good on market too. Most of the problems with these batteries are not caused by failed units. More likely people using them with shot rectifiers, crappy draining alarms and funny wiring.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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