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gone are the days where in 600cc sports bike can leave any production car to dust. In this video I can not beleive that the car's won on the strait line, there is just no way right?

Its like having a bad dream. over a year ago I pleasantly cruising on the free way when a freaking nissan gtr tailgated me. and he went on my side and gave a friendly wave. I downshifted and opened the throttle as I know he wants to race. as expected I left him behind, but after 5-10 seconds he blew past me=(

cars are getting faster !!
Depends on the race but 600s will outrun most cars 0-200. Then aero and horsepower come into play and the cars go by.

Also I dont think the car won. The 1199 spanked both cars until it reached its speed limiter.

Also a 600 costs what? 5-6k for a decent one? A car that can run with it? Repeatedly and reliably? 10x more probably.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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