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Trying to get some data on tire wear for track-only events.

If you can list the following:

- Bike
- Skill level (pace compared to top guys)
- Tire type (manufacturer and compound)
- Track

Doesn't matter if its a Ducati or some other bike, its more about collecting data on wear characteristics on different track-specificl tires.

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Look at all this data coming in....:popcorn:
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93 900SS no plastic. R1 front end.
Pipe and opened air box.
N2 (NESBA) novice, top percentile.
Intermediate in other groups. upper end of group.
Q2s 120/60 17 170/60 17

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Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Auto part Automotive wheel system

2 track days at NYST
1 at Summit Main
1 @ VIR patriot
[email protected] VIR North
2 days at North Carolina
1 @ Road Atlanta.

Some street riding, and some you're left.
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