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How many miles are you at?

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Just trying to see how much people ride their monster, I purchased my bike in April and I've put 5,000 miles on it.

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I'm at ~1200 but it has been raining a lot here and i dont take long trips. Purchased around the same time as you.
3200. Try and go out as often as I can but kids and weather are a limiting factor.
Bought mine on the 6th of this month. It's now in the shop receiving it's first "600 Mile" service. It has slightly under 700 miles on the clock.
947, purchased last year (but I have 6 other bikes, so it's not too bad)

Bought it less than 3 weeks ago, 170 miles because it won't stop raining here :(
bought mine April 23rd and now have 1700 happy miles
bought mine march and have 4200 on it. not many long trips but i ride daily to work.

I use my bike to commute to SF 5 days a week...I'm scared I might be putting on too many miles and I hate the public transportation here. :mad:
Bought in Aug'15.
4,400 miles.
Just in for its' first annual service.
I purchased mine back in April and I'm at 1,500-ish miles
Nice. I'm at 7 thousand miles now. Getting close to another service.
I've had mine for 7 weeks today, and I'm at 3,200.
Bought in mid July and has right at 1000 miles on it.
bought last august , just up to 5250 miles
fun riding only
gearing up for the 18k service
Wowie wow! You're crushing that odometer!!

Also, I Just hit 4900 Miles and I'm scheduled for my 12 month service this weekend. Cant believe I have been on it for a year already!

I mostly drive through LA City Traffic and my MPG remains around 38 (AVG). If I am enjoying the open road then it improves and will hit over 50 (AVG). I usually have the bike set to Sport Mode unless it is wet/raining.
Just hit 10,000 miles on my baby. Running strong. Purchased in April this year. I installed new brake and clutch levers... And crg handlebar mirrors. Looks sexier than ever.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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