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So one day I started my bike put it into first gear and drove 5 feet before it turning off. I started it again and didn't want to run. It turns over and I can hear the fuel pump engaging like any other time you start a Ducati. I smelled gas so I didn't want to keep starting it due to safety reasons.

It's been sitting for a month because I don't know how to fix it. I miss riding ! Especially because this is my first Ducati and after a week getting it this happens.

I put it on the battery on the triple charge and I started it. It starts but I have to keep the throttle pulled a little in order for it to run. Once I let off the throttle the bike bogs out and turns off.

Here's some pictures of where I see gas coming out under the tank going into a black box.

Please if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it or if you know anyone in the southern California Area please give them my number 661 670 1176 Joe
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