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Have not seen in the site a topic on the display service menu.
Thought I should share this small guide to clear some of questions regarding the hidden service menu that you might think you need to take the bike to the dealer but you can do this simple set ups on your bike display.
Hope this will help clear things up.
Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for you guys dicking around on your bikes and cause the ECU to be set up incorrectly, if you follow this guide should help you solve your issue. This guide works only if you have DP or Stock ECU on your bike.

If you think this is valuable information and would like to make it a sticky; I'm all for it.:smoking:

Service Menu
The instrument panel features a service menu that should be used only by the dealer, in case of real need.
To enter this service menu, hold button (MODE) pressed in position A "s" and at the same time turn the key from Off to On.

Pressing button (MODE) in position A “s“ or B “t“ the available functions are displayed one after the other.
After enabling functions and/or changing settings, turn the key from ON to OFF to store any changes.
Upon the following Key-On, the new settings will apply.
This menu features three functions:
Immobilizer Reprogramming (PRO 0000);
Unit of measurement setting for displayed values (SET UNIT);
"Manual" movement of the exhaust butterfly valve (SET EXVL);
Rear indicators setting (SET INDIC).


"Setting Special" function (vehiclemodel and units of measurement)
This function allows you to change the units of measurement for the values displayed on the instrument panel.
The control unit automatically informs the instrument panel about the correct vehicle model and unit of measurement to be displayed: to force these parameters, enter the "Service menu" and use “SET UNIT” function. Then press button (MODE) in position B "t" and hold for 3 seconds.
Every time the button (MODE) is pressed in position B "t", the Dashboard cyclically activates the following pages (flashing):
Unit of measurement
COUNTRY STANDARD - Speed - H2O temperature - Odometer
EU - Km/h - °C - Km
UK - mph - °C - miles
USA - mph - °F - miles
CND - Km/h - °C - Km
FRA - Km/h - °C - Km
JAP - Km/h - °C - Km
ECU ld. - The instrument panel sets the unit of measurement according to the information received by the ECU

Press button (MODE) in position B "t" and hold for 3 seconds to store displayed configuration; "MEM" is displayed. Upon the following Key-On, the new settings will apply.

***only on the stock ECU***

Exhaust Butterfly Valve Motor Movement for wires installation
This function allows you to move the exhaust butterfly valve motor to help you when refitting the wires.
If you turn the key to On by accident when changing cables, i.e. with the valve motor not connected, the motor turns for a few seconds and stops in a random position. This prevents you from refitting the wires.
It is necessary to use this function to take motor back to such a position so that it is possible to refit the wires.
To view this function, access the "SERVICE MENU" and enter the "Set EXVL" page.
Now, press button (MODE) in position B "t" and hold for 3 seconds to enter the "MOVE" mode allowing you to move the motor.
Hold button (MODE) in position A "s" to turn valve motor clockwise; hold button (MODE) in position B "t" to turn valve motor counter clockwise.
To ensure that wires can be refitted, turn motor until " 1.7 v " is displayed.
Take the key to Off to quit this function.


Service MENU - Rear Turn Indicators Setup
This Function allows you to set the correct piloting of the rear turn indicators.
The vehicle comes as standard with bulb rear turn indicators (10W); if the owner wishes to change them and fit Led Ducati Performance indicators, after installation it is also necessary to set them within this page of the Service MENU.
To view this function, access the "SERVICE MENU" and enter the "Set INDIC" page.
Then press button B for 3 sec. to enter the "SEt" mode.
The display reads "LAMP" (bulb type); press button A (s) to switch to "LED" (Led type).
Once the correct type of turn indicator is set, press button B and hold for 3 sec. until "MEM" (memorised) is displayed.
Take the key to "OFF" to save and quit this function. Upon the following Key-On, the Dashboard goes back to normal operation.
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Nice Rigs. I am goign to use this and refit the servo motor on the wifes 848 to see if that helps with a flat spot.

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It has come to my attention that different year ranges and/or bikes in different regions of the world have different electrical systems. Some have the SET INDIC menu and some do not. I would like to survey you guys so that I can lock on to the pattern of where and on which bikes this menu exists. Please post in the same format as my next post. Thank you.


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I tried changing the dashboard from eur to USA but didn’t store it in memory. And no I can not get back to that menu when I hold the top menu button and go from key off to key on. How do I get back into the menu, do I disconnect the battery or the ECU or dashboard or what??
Please let me know. Thanks buddy
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