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How To Remove A Motorcycle Tire With Only Zipties + Video

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How To Change a Tire with Zip Ties

I have seen tires removed with tie-downs too that doesn't waste zip-ties, but still a pretty cool "*******/MacGyver" video though. All one needs is a relatively cheap hand-spun tire balancer and your all set.


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Click on your link… It can't have **** in it. :)
whats with that?
Apparently motorcycle . com is a bad word... :banghead:
I'd be worried about damaging the new tires when you put them on. Looks like a lot of work too...I'd rather pay someone $10/wheel and have them done the right way in a few minutes.
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I quit watching after he said "patch on this motorcycle tire"...
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lol wtf he has a bead breaker but no tire levers ????

strange man
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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