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whats not to like, pretty lady, Bike and suit. 100% approval rating
thanks chc507! I appreciate the 100% approval rating!! :blush:

Nice R1. Had one just like yours before I bought a 1098 S(Lady in red).

Harder work to ride than the R1 but also more rewarding.

Congrats on your new beautiful 1198... Absolutely gorgeous in Pearl White..

Keep the rubber down..
so true, GTI, the 1198 is a completely different animal than the R1, but I love them both! ;)

Ok the bike as we already know is beautiful. The rider ALSO appears to be so! HOWEVER the leathers need to be altered. The front won't zip up! :D Barnacle Bill can fix that for you!

If you are ever thinking about getting within 500 miles of CT let me know. I can help you try to squeeze things in there. Just sayin is all!

WOW!!!! Peewee Likes!


Oh yeah. I don't like the bike at all but the R1 picture of you is a MUCH better picture.
LOL - thanks for the smile, and that very kind offer, Peewee! hahaha

So does this make you gay??? Having the hots for Valentino?

LOL - too funny! ...but I have noticed that when I'm out on Valentino he does seem to have the ability to turn a lot of guys gay, judging from all the drooling they do over him!! :D

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Thanks everyone! I fell head over heels in love today! I knew I was gonna love my new 1198, but I really had no idea how much I'd love him! :heart:

I didn't take any pics today, but I'll take some on my ride tomorrow. Isn't it morning yet??!! :D
You still lovin the Duc more?
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