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loved the bike the Ducati Multiestrada Enduro ... Pena that in 10 months of use, has already stopped 4 times per pane overall, which is unacceptable in a Premium product. I asked Ducati Brazil to replace the bike, without result, which disappoints, because it should be in the interest of the factory to collect the bike and to investigate thoroughly and deliver to the customer what he bought, ie a product that is running on the edge of perfection .... But unfortunately this is not how Ducati Brazil has treated my problem, it is unfortunate that a supermoto like this, which clearly came with problems (at least my unit), those responsible for the BRAND in Brazil do soft body ... At yesterday's stage the bike erased in full overtaking on the busy avenue, putting me at risk and simply did not call anymore. Since the second stop occurred in June of this year, I sent an email to ducati Brazil asking for the replacement of the vehicle ... But I was not taken care of, the concessionaire does what I can, set up a motorcycle and in a few months or some cases, just days later, new Overall, the bike simply goes out and there is nothing else to do, if you do not call the assistance and stay between 5 and 7 days without a bike ... When I bought the bike, the goal was to have a bike to use on a daily basis and make travel ... But how can I trust this vehicle for a long journey? ... this is the reason for the request to replace the motorcycle.
If someone has a contact from a Ducati brand who really cares, I would like to talk ... I believe in the product and I want to believe in the brand but the response I am receiving from representatives in Brazil does not reflect the status of the product and the Ducati brand in the world ...

Carlito De Souza
[email protected]


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