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God dammit, posting from phone, hit wrong button.

Broken in and comfy but not beat, no rash, Large. $100 shipped

2 piece Size 54 perforated leather suit (forget exactly which one), got it from a friend who put the rash on it but not that bad, I'm not built like a skinny Italian or hippster so this cut off blood flow to my arms when riding. Would trade for similar jacket in size 56 or sell for $550. (Pants not shown but match)

Dainese Mesh jacket, size 52, 1 full season on it and 3 weeks so far this summer at most. Never down, few handling marks on the shoulder plates, bought new for like $370. $300 shipped to you? Or trade for size 54/56.

Has wind proof liner but I've found it mostly useless.
I am still using this jacket and I prefer it to the leather ones except when it's cold out.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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