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Does anyone know how the ignition system on the 1098 works? specifically in the area of spark timing. According to the manual the CPS has the ability to read every tooth and the 2 missing teeth.
Is the 2 missing teeth the signal to fire one of the cylinders and then the CPS counts a certain number of teeth before firing the second cylinder?
Also, does the ignition system fire both spark plugs at the same time? I know some motors fire all plugs at the same time regardless of the cylinder's cycle.

I am asking because I am having trouble with my vertical cylinder not firing. It has fuel, compression, and spark(outside of the cylinder). I even switched coils and plugs between cylinders to rule them out. The only thing I can think of at this point is the plug is not firing at the right time. Only code that pops up right now is P0351 which is a coil code but that can be caused by the misfiring cylinder.

I've gone through all the basics and am running out of things to check. Is there any way to test if the ECU has gone bad?
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