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I understand the immobilizer has to be around the ignition but does it have to be in a certain position? Reason for the question is, I am replacing the key guard with the Shift Tech unit which is designed as an over lay. I was wondering if I could just place the immobilizer ring around the ignition not installed on the key guard and run the guard overlay as an individual part and not an overlay.
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It should be close enough. As long as the head of the key is within a few inches of the ring, or no lower than it is now
I used a little bit of double sided tape to stick the immobilizer into a carbon piece. Like Random said it just needs to be within a few centimeters, not exactly where is was stock.
Beautiful. That is what I thought but did not want the bike to die while riding if the antenna moved slightly. I have started the bike with no issues, but have not ridden it yet.
I cut a piece of 1 1/4 inch hose to slide over my switch and hold the antenna up to the bottom of the cover.
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